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A very big welcome to everyone who has been kind enough to read my first post. This is my very 'first post' as owner and creator of the Infinite Arrow. Over the past few months I have been knuckling down and working hard on creating this website for my customers to enjoy. I hope that my hard work will have created a comfortable, easy & enjoyable customer buying experience for you, my infinite arrow followers/ supporters! This store has meant alot to me, I have envisaged creating it for well over a couple of years now. I dedicate its opening to my Dad, who is no longer with us but is looking down on me right at this moment as I write this post, from a far better place. He has instilled in me a passion and hope which I hope is reflected through my work.

In opening this little nook of the internet, I hope to create a happy place! Plain and simple! A place for everyone to escape the demands of everyday life and enjoy posts and products which bring out the 'little kid' in all of us. In purchasing one of my creations, you will be helping to support a small business - more like microscopic in size - a grassroots home grown business hoping to spread happiness one creative product at a time. Each creation is handcrafted to order, so you could say that each one is especially made for the person receiving it! No two products are exactly alike, so each one has its own little touch.

A little bit about the idea of the infinite arrow symbol and name... well the infinite arrow came about over the idea of being 'far reaching' to those who would appreciate it. I hope that in purchasing a bit of happiness and passing it on to the recipient, a bit of happiness will spread. I believe in being kind to one another and that we get out what we put in. So in this way I hope to circulate a bit of happiness from one person to another to another... so there you have it ! A loop of happiness, never ending and far reaching simply by giving a bit of joy!

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who believed I could do this! I am so very happy I did and I cannot wait to write more posts about a variety of topics ! So heres to all of you lovely people reading this!

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Mandy of the Infinite Arrow! YAY insert little happy dance :)

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